Technophage, together with partners LX Bio, VectorB2B and FFUL is pleased to announce the signing of a new PRR Grant Agreement with the Portuguese Government, in the scope of the Mobilizing Agendas for Business Innovation in Portugal.

The Bio-Hub consortium aims to expand the development of biological medicines, conduct clinical trials of late phases, and implement registrations, marketing and distribution of these drugs globally. This strategy will increase the volume of exports of value-added products and increase highly qualified employment. The starting point will be the creation of a large-scale plant for the production of biological medicines with GMP-certified dedicated spaces that will reinforce the development of innovative medicines in the country, while supporting the needs of national start-ups.

“This new consortium will be life-changing for the companies and partners involved, constituting an exciting milestone for the whole team” commented Miguel Garcia, CEO of TechnoPhage.

The project will take place over a period of 36 months and aims to produce new knowledge in the R&D of biological medicines, a health market with a strong prospect of growth in the next decade.