GMP manufacturing

TechnoPhage manufacturing plant is based at Venda Nova, Amadora and manufactures biologic medicines aiming to be used in several downstream applications, such as clinical trials. This unit is supported by several state-of-the-art equipments and highly qualified personnel, with many years of experience in the Biopharmaceutical and Pharmaceutical Industry.

The unit has two main productions rooms, where the upstream and downstream GMP manufacturing activities occur. It has its own high standard Quality Control area, isolated from the production facility, where the analyses that support manufacturing actions also take place. It also harbors an area dedicated to process development and  formulation of biologics. All the activities that occur at TechnoPhage manufacturing unit are supported by a robust Quality System, including a documental system, control of changes, deviations record, and risk analysis management. TechnoPhage manufacturing plant is certified for GMP manufacturing of Investigational Medicinal Products.

TechnoPhage has now the ability to accept new manufacturing challenges, specifically GMP manufacturing, formulation and process development of biologics. If you wish to contract a reliable manufacturing service please send us your inquiry:

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