Management Team

Miguel Garcia


Miguel Garcia, co-founder, and CEO of TechnoPhage, brings more than two decades of extensive experience in the biotech industry. His expertise spans between business development, management, and finance. Grounded in pharmaceutical sciences with a PhD in pharmacy, Miguel leads Technophage’s financial, entrepreneurial, and strategic initiatives to the next level. Additionally, he plays a pivotal role in driving the expansion of the Technophage Group, notably through the creation and growth of Vector B2B – Drug Developing, LxBio Pharmaceuticals S.A., and T-oncology spin off under his supervision.

Sofia Côrte-Real

CSO and Deputy CEO

Sofia Côrte-Real has shaped her professional trajectory in Health Sciences, pushing comprehensive projects from discovery to clinical phases. Specializing in preclinical drug development, technology, and strategy, she accurately navigates regulatory landscapes, interacting with regulatory bodies such as INFARMED, EMA, and FDA across a diverse range of therapeutic areas. Sofia plays a crucial role in shaping the company’s strategy by defining intellectual property and establishing new strategic collaborations, partnerships, and client relationships. Her scientific journey commenced with applied chemistry, culminating in a PhD in pharmacy.

Clara Leandro

Scientific Director

Clara Leandro has devoted her career to biomedical sciences, with a special focus on biology and medical parasitology. Along the years, Clara explored into the intricacies of studying immune responses to diverse diseases and uncovering ways to discover novel antimicrobial drugs. Possessing extensive expertise in bacteriophages granted by her PhD in phage therapy, her involvement in the company spans from the early stages of discovery to clinical trials, overseeing the entire manufacturing pathway. Clara makes daily contributions to the development of bacteriophage-based medicines, showcasing her profound knowledge and commitment.

Miguel Fagundes

Industrial Director

With a Master’s in Pharmaceutical Sciences, a certification as a Qualified Person and a Lean & Six Sigma black belt certificate, Miguel’s expertise spans drug development, quality assurance, manufacturing, and process validation. Throughout his career, Miguel has excelled in team and program management, ensuring the smooth transition of manufacturing processes from R&D to commercial scale. Proficient in data-driven decision-making and committed to compliance with regulatory regulations, Miguel currently act as the Industrial Director at Technophage, where he oversees manufacturing processes, quality control, and assurance across two distinct facilities.

Margarida Barreto

Clinical Trials Director

Margarida Barreto acts as the Clinical Trials Director at TechnoPhage, bringing over two decades of expertise in clinical trials management within the pharmaceutical industry. With a comprehensive background, Margarida has successfully led biopharmaceutical projects for product development and supervised bioanalysis projects in compliance with Good Laboratory Practices. Margarida is well-versed in Good Manufacturing Practice for Investigational Medicinal Products. Margarida holds a degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences and a Master’s degree in Medicines’ Technology.

Kátia Frota

Human Resources Director

Kátia Frota has developed her career in the organizational world, in large companies in the areas of health, retail and banking. Kátia has over thirteen years of experience in the Human Resources area, developing leaders and teams, as well as building more humanized organizational cultures that make a difference to people’s lives. Kátia has a degree in Statistics, a post-graduate degree in Group Dynamics, a specialty in mentoring methodology (individual and group) and an MBA in Business Management.

Carla Oliveira

Financial Director

In her role as Financial Director, Carla Oliveira brings extensive resources of financial expertise, gathered over nearly twenty-five years in the automotive industry, having worked with multinational companies under the Fiat and Denso Groups. Carla mostly operates in the fields of management control and business planning, which is reinforced by her academic achievement of a business management degree.