Our track record

TechnoPhage has been partnering with leading experts in both the National and International pharmaceutical industry. In the scope of these agreements, the company has taken several products into pre-clinical stages, and is now in clinical phases.

TechnoPhage was the promoter and, since 2019, is also an associate of a private non-profit association called VectorB2B – drug developing products composed by Portuguese private and public partners. VectorB2B is a business development platform that gathers the scattered capacities of prominent academic and industrial shareholders in the sector of health biotechnology, and transforms them into viable economical assets, by providing integrated services in drug discovery and screening, project design and implementation, contract research and contract manufacturing.

In 2020, TechnoPhage launched its oncology platform, also becoming one of the resident companies of JLABS – Johnson & Johnson Innovation, in Beerse Belgian, which consists of a premier life science incubator program. JLABS is a global network of open innovation ecosystems, enabling and empowering innovators to create and accelerate the delivery of life-enhancing health and wellness solutions to patients around the world. As a leader in innovation, JLABS helps entrepreneurs in pharmaceutical, medical device, consumer, and health tech bring healthcare solutions to patients and consumers.
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