COVID-19 New Challenge: joint effort to mitigate world’s pandemic crisis

(TechnoPhage S.A., Faculty of Pharmacy of University of Lisbon and Vector B2B – Drug Developing Association for Research in Biotechnology)

In Portugal, we have highly qualified human resources working in biological drug discovery and development.
In a joint effort to tackle COVID-19 we come together to create a new therapeutic solution for this disease. The challenge is tremendous, but our expertise, experience, innovative technologies and approaches as well as the existence of state-of-the-art infrastructures will be key for our success.

With your help:

  • We propose to discover, produce, and validate an antibody fragment for the treatment of COVID-19. We will leverage our integrated drug discovery and development process which will enable the delivery of our antibody in the near future.
  • We will isolate neutralizing antibodies for COVID-19 directly from blood samples of patients and use an inhalation device for the delivery of our therapy. This option allows for the administration of multiple doses per day in the clinical setting but also at home which constitutes an unique value proposition.

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