This week marked an important occasion as Technophage and VectorB2B – Drug Development joined forces for our annual Teambuilding event.

Our destination was the picturesque town of Dornes, where a selection of thrilling team challenges awaited us. Both teams collaborated to construct a magnificent raft – a symbol of unity – which would carry us safely across the waters of the Zêzere river.

Following our adventurous morning, we gathered for a lovely lunch that allowed us to savor not just the local cuisine, but also the camaraderie that defines our teams.

As the sun began to set on our memorable day, we returned to Lisbon, reinvigorated and ready to take on our daily activities.

We believe that our strength lies not only in our individual talents but in the bonds, we forge as a united team. This annual event serves as a reminder of the power of collaboration, fun, and shared experiences.