TechnoPhage announced the spin-off of T-Oncology AG, which will focus on the development of Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADCs), based on the proprietary Small Domain Antibodies platform (TechnoBodies), for the treatment of cancer.

TechnoBodies technology has been developed at TechnoPhage and, taking advantage of the small size of the fragment antibodies obtained, T-Oncology will construct and scale ADCs  for targeted novel cancer therapy. Overall, this technology enables the sensitive discrimination between healthy and cancerous tissues and will be ultimately applied in unmet medical needs in the field of oncology.

It is also now clear to TechnoPhage’s management team that pursuing a spin-off is the most compelling path forward; indeed, “creating a new company specialized in a single technology and a specialized clinical indication can create significant value for our patients, partners and clients” said Miguel Garcia, CEO of TechnoPhage.

 The new company incorporated in Kanton Zug, Switzerland, is expected to also set base as a resident in the Johnson & Johnson Life Science Incubators and Accelerators, at JLABS in Beerse, Belgium and start recruiting a new team in the next year.