Quality Policy

Quality is a fundamental component of Technophage, aligning with our company’s Guiding Principles: value creation, innovation, ethics, compliance with requirements, and continuous improvement.

Our commitment is to guarantee safety, compliance, and quality in all our activities, services, and products. Regarding compliance, Technophage ensures a trustworthy relationship with stakeholders. This commitment is not just a legal necessity but a moral obligation, demonstrating respect for the expectations and needs of customers, partners, employees, and regulatory bodies. We comply with applicable laws, regulations, and internal procedures, while continuously challenging ourselves towards a mindset of constant improvement.

Likewise, we involve all team members in comprehending their role in ensuring quality through adequate training, supervision, and effective communication. By promoting a quality culture, Technophage aims to set an example for its stakeholders, acting as a role model in ethical practices and compliance.
In this context, we are committed to guarantee the provision of appropriate leadership, management, and resources. We will also promote the periodic review of the quality policy and its communication to all staff, collaborators, and partners.
We believe that promoting a quality culture in our organization is key to achieve excellence in all that we do, allowing us to learn, build confidence among our stakeholders and act as a role model.

Miguel Garcia
Chief Executive Officer
November 2023

Gender Equality Plan

The Gender Equality Plan is in line with Technophage’s objectives to promote well-being, safety and respect for diversity in the workplace.

Seeking equal opportunities for all people – regardless of sex, gender, colour, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, social origin, physical or mental ability – is one of our commitments to respect human rights and non-discrimination.

By releasing this document, we are making a public commitment to ensure that we are aware of the importance of promoting gender equality in our Company, as well as dedicating resources according to our capacity to put in place an effective plan to involve all team members in this very important cause.

To read the full Gender Equality Plan follow the link.