Technophage’s plans for the next few years have been revealed in a brand new article in Portuguese Weekly Journal “Expresso”. The biopharma is moving forward with the creation of a new company that will be able to ensure the industrialization of pioneering drugs for unmet medical needs.

The new company goes by the name of LX Bio and, in addition to TecnhoPhage, it counts on other shareholders who intend to explore the segment of biologics, specifically bacteriophage-based products.

With this goal, Technophage is aiming to accelerate the development pace of TP-102, which has been granted with a Fast Track designation from the FDA.

However, in order to place this first innovative phage cocktail in the market by 2024, Technophage needs to overcome a second challenge and attract an investment of 40 to 60 million euros to recruit almost 100 people and acquire equipment for a new factory, which will be operated by LxBio.

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