Technophage has been featured in ‘The Economist’ journal. The piece entitled ‘Western firms are becoming interested in a Soviet medicine’ describes how phage therapy is helping patients around the globe, highlighting the increased interest of western companies in pursuing this type of medicines as an alternative treatment for antibiotic resistant bacterial infections.

“More clinical trials of phage therapy have begun around the world in the past three years than in the preceding two decades. In 2022 Technophage, a Portuguese company, completed a trial of a phage cocktail designed for patients with diabetic foot ulcers. It hopes to begin the next round of trials sometime later this year. BiomX, an Israeli firm, is testing a phage cocktail of its own on P. aeruginosa, a common cause of hospital-acquired infections. Adaptive Phage Therapeutics, an American firm, has three trials in the works: one on cystic-fibrosis patients with opportunistic infections, one for infections in prosthetic joints, and, like Technophage, one on diabetic foot ulcers.”

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