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TechnoPhage is currently looking for a candidate to apply for a FCT post-doc fellowship

TechnoPhage SA is looking for a highly motivated and competitive candidate to apply for a FCT post-doc fellowship with knowledge in eukaryotic cell culture, flow cytometry, microscopy, molecular biology and protein production and purification. The candidate will integrate the antibody platform. 

  • Ph.D.

  • Eukaryotic cell culture (suspension cells, adherent cells, primary culture cells, differentiation of cells)

  • Cell line construction (by different techniques: dilution, transduction, electroporation)

  • Flow cytometry (acquisition and sort)

  • Protein expression in eukaryotic cells

  • Protein purification (e.g. AKTA system, beads with protein A or L)

  • Development of functional assays in eukaryotic cells

  • Lentiviral production and quantification

  • Characterization of expressed proteins: ELISA, Western blot, microscopy, Biacore (this last one is optional)

  • Immunofluorescence

  • Immunoprecipitation

  • Molecular Biology (PCR, enzymatic restriction, ligations, transformation in bacteria, DNA production)

  • Work with RNA

  • Real-time PCR

  • Reserve-transcription PCR

  • Animal experimentation

  • Zinc-fingers (this one is optional)

Please send us your CV to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..