TechnoPhage, SA - From science to innovative biopharmaceuticals

Launched in 2005, TechnoPhage is an innovative biopharmaceutical company committed to the R&D of new molecules - chemical and biological - in diverse therapeutic areas, such as infection, neuroscience, and ophthalmology. TechnoPhage’s strategy is based on developing new therapeutics in early phases of R&D, with a view to then enter into collaboration deals for pre-clinical and/or clinical development.

TechnoPhage is developing proprietary drug discovery products from discovery to clinical stage. The company successfully developed one of its products into clinical Phase I. TechnoPhage is focused on increasing its portfolio of proprietary technologies and deriving products. This is achieved through an active R&D program and collaboration agreements with national and international pharmaceutical companies, research centers and universities across Europe, USA, and Asia.

Company is located in Lisbon in close proximity to the renowned Santa Maria Hospital and the iMM – Instituto de Medicina Molecular, which help facilitate the creation of multidisciplinary teams essential to the process of translational medicine. Furthermore, this proximity helps to facilitate access to the necessary equipment and talent required to develop full product solutions, including direct collaboration with leading experts from the clinical fields covering the therapeutic products under development.